Build a website to leap the competition

build a website to leap the competition

Jan 2017 – Dec 2017


Our ten websites are four years old and are starting to feel out-of-date

We have ambitious overseas growth goals and our ccTLD strategy has failed to raise our visibility in all target countries

Our competitors got better

New disruptive “PropTech” competitors, with fancy websites, now operate in our marketplace


“Build a website to leap the competition”


Disrupt organic visibility by changing all websites from ccTLD to subfolder, non-https to https and rewriting content

Disrupt lead generation after several years of healthy growth

We are more skewed and dependent on Google natural search than many of our competitors. The substantial amount of change planned piled up the pressure, so preparation, buy-in and expertise were essential to mitigate risk


✓ Five page business case to change from ccTLD to subfolder strategy presented and discussed with Management Team

✓ Creative thinking: Conceived several first-to-market innovative ideas

✓ Strategic planning: Created 35-page detailed plan and support documentation

✓ Effective project management: Managed 20+ stakeholders in UK, US, NZ, AU, SG, HK, AE through every stage of the project: proposal input and approval, wireframe input and approval, design input and approval, content creation and approval, post-launch insights

✓ To ensure this project hit the mark, we partnered with who are, in my opinion, the best WordPress Agency based in London.


✓ Successful migration from several ccTLD websites to 9 global subdirectory websites that better fit our global vision

✓ 350% increase in web search leads

✓ Form submission rates 4X higher than B2B industry average

✓ Increased lead quality

✓ 185% increase in advertising conversion rates

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